What are scenes in the AxeFx2 – AxeFx2 Tutorial

There is still some confusion, especially when people are new to the AxeFx2 – because it has so many features that it can be quite overwhelming. In this video, I will share some knowledge about how to use the “scenes” in the AxeFx2 properly.

Scenes are used to store the on/off state of any effects that are in your preset. They also store the x/y states of any effect-block.

So by using only scenes, in one single preset you could use 2 amps (actually 4 if you use 2 amp blocks), and make different sounds by switching effect on or off.

If you are used playing “real” amps and effect pedals, you could have 8 settings in one preset. Not that you couldn’t do it with 8 presets as well, but if you like to adjust the sound of the amp, it will be adjusted in all 8 scenes. With presets, you would have to adjust every one that uses that amp. So if you like playing the same amp just with different effects, scenes could be what you are looking for.

I explain every detail in the video, so I hope you like it :-)

Just drop me a comment if you have any questions or if you want to add something.

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