Melodic Solo in Bm (with Ibanez AT10-WH and AxeFx2 XL)

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Here is an improvised solo of me playing my new Ibanez AT10-WH over my AxeFx2-XL. I use preset 29 which is called “MR.Z Nr. 39″. I just switched on the drive and delay blocks, nothing changed from the original preset. The Ibanez AT10-WH is a very good guitar for the price – I bought it […]

Pink Floyd Style Bm 62 BPM


A ballad jamtrack in the style of confortably numb by pink floyd. You can play: Bm natural Minor Scale Bm Pentatonic Bm Blues Scale have fun! I improvise over this jamtrack here, if you want some inspiration (click)

Technique versus feeling


There are actually two kinds of guitar players (simplified): The ones obsessing about technique and the ones that say “feeling” is more important. I disagree with both Lol. What? Let me explain. To be a great musician, there are three main things you have to be good at: Musicality Technique Sound That’s it – you […]

Strandberg Boden 6 – a full and honest review


Update: Soundsamples Video Preface When I first saw a .strandberg* guitar, I was instantly reminded of my experiments with a headless hohner steinberger copy, which was a real awful guitar. First big difference were the optics, which I really liked – but at that time I thought you had to use those senseless double ball […]

Ibanez Tam10 Tosin Abasi modell full review


8-String guitars are very popular these days and have definately arrived in mainstream. People are getting all exited about modifying RG8s with barenuckle pickups, customizing pickguards and what not. But some of you might just want to play the guitar instead of modifying stuff, so you need some well thought out instrument from the beginning. […]

Gm7b5 Play-Along


The minor 7b5 chord is mostly used in Jazz, but the sound of those notes fits the metal style quite well. The scales you can play over that jamtrack are: G m7b5 pentatonic the G locrian mode (Mode VII of Ab major) the G aeolian b5 mode (Mode VI of Bb melodic minor) G Dorian […]

Marty McFly – the first guitarist that got me exited!

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Hellow fellow guitarists. As I watched the movie “back to the future” when I was about 12 years old, I really got exited about the guitar sounds at the end of the movie. Possibly this started the whole “I want to play the electric guitar, dad!” thing My brother told me that the song was […]