Marty McFly – the first guitarist that got me exited!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-11 um 10.12.42Hellow fellow guitarists. As I watched the movie “back to the future” when I was about 12 years old, I really got exited about the guitar sounds at the end of the movie. Possibly this started the whole “I want to play the electric guitar, dad!” thing :-)

My brother told me that the song was by chuck berry, so I got myself a LP (Vinyl) by Chuck Berry. Well, that was not it and it should take some more time until I found out that Van Halen’s guitar sound (especially “Eruption” on Van Halen I) was what I was really looking for. But the hunger in me was born!

So what got you exited for the first time guitarwise? Please share it in the comments, I really like to see the “initial moments” of all of you!

It is really important to have an answer to that question, because you can always come back to that inspiring moment in your live. When you get frustrated with certain things you practice, just think back to that moment and you will notice that you arleady have accomplished a lot since then.

It is also a lot of fun – in my example watching that scene when Marty puts on that guitar and freaks out on stage.

All the best from germany, and remember:

The best moment for practicing is NOW




  1. says

    When I was young, I was a huge RUSH fan. Those guys have amazing talent and I used to air jam to Alex Lifeson’s guitar solos all the time! My parents were probably sick of hearing RUSH.

    • bernd says

      Hey Dave! Rush is one of my favorite Bands too – the record where “Tom Sawyer” was on with that instrumental track – beautiful!

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