Line6 FBV Express MKII – small footcontroller for Line6 gear and PC/MAC

Line6 FBV Express MKII

99 $
Line6 FBV Express MKII





      ease of use


        value for money


          in the box



            • - everything is configurable
            • - craftmanship
            • - conception
            • - LEDs
            • - optical controlled pedal


            • - no standard midi connector
            • - no usb cable included

            Bildschirmfoto-2015-02-04-um-14.20.01-300x253For guitar players, it is very important to be able to controll all your sounds with a footcontroller. As soon as you get beyond practicing at home, you want to handle your sounds hands-free to deliver a great performance.

            The Line6 FBV was originally constructed to handle line6 amps and effects (like the Pod HD Pro) and can be user with various devices. Some amps even get additional features, like an upgraded tuner or a wah pedal.

            I got the device for something else. For some gigs in Morocco, I wanted to build a small and lightweight setup using my macbook air and guitar rig. Besides the network port, the FBV also has a usb port. On your mac or pc, you then have an additional midi device which you can use to remote controll all different kinds of software. Using the included software, you can program the FBV to send any kind of midi data (PC, CC, MMC, etc…).

            As I am quite familiar with this stuff, I set it up in a matter of minutes – I found the software quite easy to use, despite what some guys in internet forums use to say. Guitar Rig and the Express work quite well together!

            Bildschirmfoto-2015-02-04-um-14.47.39The included expression pedal has two modes: Volume and wah. When you use it with guitar rig, you can assign the 2 functions to anything (for example delay volume, gain of your amp, etc). And you have an additional switch under the pedal which you can use to switch on the wah pedal. So it is really multi functional, and if you plan well, the FBV is sufficient to give you all the sounds you need.

            I set it up like this:
            Switch A – one preset back
            Switch B – one preset forth
            Switch C – effect on/off (you can have different setting on each preset in guitar rig)
            Switch D – effect on/off (you can have different setting on each preset in guitar rig)
            Switch under the pedal – Wah on/off
            Pedal Standard – Preset volume
            Pedal with switch pressed – wah-pedal

            I use 4 presets, and with the possibility to switch 2 additional effects on and off I have everything I need. The presets are clean, dirty, high gain rhythm and high gain solo. I can programm the volume pedal to have about 70% when it is all the way down and 100% when it is up, and guitar rig stores the position. So I dont need a solo swich and can use the expression pedal for that. Very handy!

            This is a really nice backup-setup with great sound and ease of use. I use the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (click for review) as an audio interface and get down to 6,7ms of roundtrip latency.

            In the box is a quite long lan cable to connect the FBV to any kind of line6 gear. Unfortunately no usb cable.

            I am looking forward to your comments!


            1. Jim says

              Is it still working for you? I’m considering buying one to use with Guitar Rig, but I’ve seen lots of posts on Line 6 forum about the device being faulty…

              • bernd says

                Works for me with guitar rig – no complaints here.
                Although now I would probably go for the Boss GT1 and not use the laptop – heard good things about it and it is really small.
                But have to test it soon.

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