Economy picking run for 8-String guitar (or 6-String)

In this Video, I will show you an economy picking run I came up with. The TAB is below the Video! If you use a 6-string guitar, just leave out the lowest 2 strings.

Economy picking is a technique developed by Frank Gambale. If you go from one string to another, you will use one single pick stroke instead of alternate picking. With this, you can save up to 33% of picking movements when you are doing 3 notes per string scales.

On my lick, you have 5 notes per strings on one point, so you do not save the total possible amount – but you will still feel the effortlessness of the movement if you do it right.

Economy picking can be challanging – timing is critical! You have to hit the notes right when you are supposed to hit them. Unlike with alternate picking, your motion is fluent and you are kind of touching the strings “along the way”. It is really hard to practice that in a slow tempo, as you will start to tense up when you do it really slow. But be patient, the practice will pay off and if you master economy picking, even your alternate picking will improve as well because you are using the picking motion more effective.

Have fun and tell me how you like it in the comments! By the way – the guitar used in the Video is the Ibanez TAM10, which is the budget version of Tosin Abasins TAM100, which is over 4000$. I personally think that the Tam10 is a hell of a good guitar, especially considering the pricetag. If you are a fan of 8-String guitars, be sure to check this one out!

Does this run work for you, or do you have any problems? Feel free to ask all kind of questions, I will read and answer any comment!

Oh, and there is a small mistake in the tab. It should read 35753 on the B String in the first measure. Sorry for that! I play it right in the video. If you like my playing, please subscribe to my youtube channel and tell all your friends about germanguitarguy – I am new on the block and I would really appreciate any help!


8string economy picking run



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