What are scenes in the AxeFx2 – AxeFx2 Tutorial

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There is still some confusion, especially when people are new to the AxeFx2 – because it has so many features that it can be quite overwhelming. In this video, I will share some knowledge about how to use the “scenes” in the AxeFx2 properly. Scenes are used to store the on/off state of any effects […]

Best metronome app for iPhone and iPad: Dr.Betotte


If you are looking for a good metronome app on the iPhone or iPad – look no further. I have tried out a TON of different apps and came to the conclusion that Dr.Betotte TC is by far the best app. Ok, it costs 9,99$ – but it contains everything you need and the most […]

Tonematching Giant’s “I’m a Believer” guitar sound – AxeFx2 Tutorial

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In This Video, I show you how to Tonematch the Dan Huff Sound from “I’m a Believer”, one of my favorite Guitar Tones.¬†With Firmware 6, the AxeFX2 added this incredible feature which enables you to match your favorite sound – you just need a good recording of JUST the guitarsound. It works really well, as […]