Best metronome app for iPhone and iPad: Dr.Betotte


If you are looking for a good metronome app on the iPhone or iPad – look no further. I have tried out a TON of different apps and came to the conclusion that Dr.Betotte TC is by far the best app. Ok, it costs 9,99$ – but it contains everything you need and the most […]

Ibanez Tam 10 VS RG8: Full Comparison

bernd mit tam10

For my very first 8-string guitar, I did a lot of research. Unfortunately, I could not find any Ibanez TAM10 reviews, ┬áso I decided to get one of the most affordable models first, the Ibanez RG8. After playing it for 2-3 month, I realized that I would like different pickups in it. I have always […]

Practicing with your iPhone?


The fun thing is that I said years ago, when I got my first iPhone “sometimes we will be able to get a decent guitar sound out of this”… well, the sound is not decent, it is quite impressive. Apps like Jamup Pro or BIAS (all by positive grid, find them in the apple appstore […]