Gm7b5 Play-Along


The minor 7b5 chord is mostly used in Jazz, but the sound of those notes fits the metal style quite well. The scales you can play over that jamtrack are: G m7b5 pentatonic the G locrian mode (Mode VII of Ab major) the G aeolian b5 mode (Mode VI of Bb melodic minor) G Dorian […]

4-chord-song in Am


This jamtrack uses the chordprogression Am F C G. You can handle it in these ways: just play A minor pentatonic over it use the A minor or C major scale (the notes are identical C D E F G A B C) treat every chord with his mode (Am – A aeolian, F – […]

Am Rock 75BPM


This week, I have a nice Rock-Style JamtrackĀ for you. It is best approached with A-minor pentatonic or blues scale. You can also use the A minor scale aka A Aeolian (A B C D E F G). Have fun!

Em 57BPM


This weeks jamtrack is in the key of E-Minor. You can use the natural E-Minor scale (E, F#, G, A, B, C, D) and also the E-Minor Pentatonic an Minor Blues Scale. The Chords include Em7, Bm7 and Am7 – you will hear when the come up. Try to emphasize the notes of the arpeggios. […]