Pentatonic on guitar – an easy way to start improvising

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Hello fellow guitar players and everybody interested. In this post I will show you an easy way to learn the minor pentatonic. This scale is probably the most used scale in guitarsolos ever. It has only 5 different notes and works over a variety of chord progressions. Especially in blues it is used more often […]

How to get better on guitar – some guidelines


Hello fellow guitar players! With all the information on the internet today, it is sometimes overwhelming to know what to do to get better. In this article, I want to give you some directions of which I KNOW that they work! 1. Practice with purpose If you practice something, be sure to know where and […]

Beginning jazz guitar – vol1: Jazz guitar chords

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Hey fellow guitar players and everyone who is interested. When I was young, “Jazz Guitar” was always a kind of myth to me. I was more into rock and metal. But through the incredible guitarist Scott Henderson I came to Fusion and Jazzrock, and then I started to question where alle those chords and cool […]

what is the best acoustic guitar for beginners?


As a longtime guitar teacher I am asked this a 1000 times – “what is the best acoustic guitar for beginners” or “with what guitar should I start”. To answer this, we have to dive in a little bit into the topic of different guitar types first! 1. Classical guitars or (closely related) flamenco guitars. […]

Rhythmic exercises for guitar (1)


Hi everyone, today we will deal with the subjects “rhythm” and “timing”. To have a good feel for rhythm and timing is essential if you want to be a good guitarist. The best rhythmic exercises are sometimes the easiest, and I want to share some of them with you. But first of all: Practice with […]