Technique versus feeling


There are actually two kinds of guitar players (simplified): The ones obsessing about technique and the ones that say “feeling” is more important. I disagree with both Lol. What? Let me explain. To be a great musician, there are three main things you have to be good at: Musicality Technique Sound That’s it – you […]

Marty McFly – the first guitarist that got me exited!

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Hellow fellow guitarists. As I watched the movie “back to the future” when I was about 12 years old, I really got exited about the guitar sounds at the end of the movie. Possibly this started the whole “I want to play the electric guitar, dad!” thing My brother told me that the song was […]

Economy picking run for 8-String guitar (or 6-String)

8string economy picking run

In this Video, I will show you an economy picking run I came up with. The TAB is below the Video! If you use a 6-string guitar, just leave out the lowest 2 strings. Economy picking is a technique developed by Frank Gambale. If you go from one string to another, you will use one […]