Best metronome app for iPhone and iPad: Dr.Betotte

If you are looking for a good metronome app on the iPhone or iPad – look no further. I have tried out a TON of different apps and came to the conclusion that Dr.Betotte TC is by far the best app. Ok, it costs 9,99$ – but it contains everything you need and the most important things are:

– it is easy to handle
– the click has a pleasent sound
– you only have to buy it once for iPhone AND iPad

Here is a short video overview. I just show you the main features – it can do advanced stuff like clicking at 60BPM for 5 minutes and the become faster at a period you chose. Almost like a real drummer (just kidding) :-)


  1. says

    Very nice review. This metronome has exactly the features I was looking for. Before I saw your review I was checking out “Polynome”. Very interesting app which was developed by a drummer, but not easy to get your head around. You can do all kinds of things like 5 against 4 (and more complicated polyrhythms) and lots of other stuff.
    One more thing: subdivisions in three are called a triplet, not a triad.
    Thanks for the review.

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