Axis of awesome – a great motivation to learn your first chords!

Hello to all guitar players that are just beginning their journey or guitar teachers that want a good way to motivate their students. You may have noticed that in modern pop music, the variety of chords progressions is … well … not that overwhelming. And you may have heard about the “4 chord song”.

To say it another way, you can play over 100 songs (all of them top 10 hits) with just ONE chord progression! Ok, they are not always in the same key, but they have the same structure, and if you play them in the key of G major (or E minor, which is the parallel minor key) you only need those 4 chords: Em C G D.

Before you say “no way, that cannot be” – watch this video by the commedians “Axis of awesome” and you will see:

You can also download the song for FREE if you are on amazon prime.

They do the whole thing in E major (parallel minor: C#m) and they “cheat” a little bit. They actually use 2 progressions:

C#m A E B and
E B C#m A.

Which is the same progression just starting on a different chord.

So, if you really want to get the most out of your practicing time, start with those 4 chords! Easier for guitarists are – as I mentioned above – are the Chords Em C G D. That is just 3 chromatic steps higher than the axis of awesome version.

Have fun, and remember:

The best moment for practicing is NOW


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