Melodic Solo in Bm (with Ibanez AT10-WH and AxeFx2 XL)

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-03 um 12.27.28

Here is an improvised solo of me playing my new Ibanez AT10-WH over my AxeFx2-XL. I use preset 29 which is called “MR.Z Nr. 39″. I just switched on the drive and delay blocks, nothing changed from the original preset. The Ibanez AT10-WH is a very good guitar for the price – I bought it […]

Pink Floyd Style Bm 62 BPM


A ballad jamtrack in the style of confortably numb by pink floyd. You can play: Bm natural Minor Scale Bm Pentatonic Bm Blues Scale have fun! I improvise over this jamtrack here, if you want some inspiration (click)

Technique versus feeling


There are actually two kinds of guitar players (simplified): The ones obsessing about technique and the ones that say “feeling” is more important. I disagree with both Lol. What? Let me explain. To be a great musician, there are three main things you have to be good at: Musicality Technique Sound That’s it – you […]